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Rebel Advantages

Inventions are supposed to render help to people: e.g., telephone is a convenient means of instantaneous communications; motorcars are for long-distance traveling; satellite navigation helps us not to lose our way at unknown places. There are inventions aimed at giving us a hand in overcoming a variety of illnesses or bad habits like, say, smoking. Inhaling tobacco smoke or regular smoking is a well-known bad habit not too easy to get rid of. Inventors and pharmacists have tried a lot of things like anti-nicotine patches or special chewing gum to handle the problem... Those are only of a slight effect so a regular smoker is still craving for a cigarette. They say this not up to nicotine addiction alone; the whole process of smoking is part of the habit, too: in simpler terms, an adult feels a need of having a "smoking stick" in the mouth.

Smoking is known to lead to a significant health hazard. The nicotine proper that holds millions of people on the hook of smoking does not seem to be the major trouble to health. A number of carcinogens like carbon monoxide, tar, prussic acid, neurotoxins, and lots of harmful components of the tobacco smoke ruining the human body in a slow and excruciating manner are particularly dangerous. Delivering nicotine to smoker's organism through an alternative route not to affect smoker's behavioral pattern considerably in the course of smoking would help many people preserve their health, even life.

REBEL electronic cigar/cigarette is a new high-tech alternative to help a smoker to quit or reduce both the amount of inhaled harmful substances during forced abstinence periods and related discomfort. The REBEL is a full emulation of the smoking process. It looks like a real cigar or cigarette also emitting "smoke" and emanating smell; it has a pleasant taste but it contains neither tar nor toxins. It does need a light to start; there is no smolder or burning in it. The REBEL is battery-powered containing an atomizer to deliver nicotine to the organism via inhaling. The inhalation process is the same as that of smoking; however, a smoker receives harmless water vapor in place of nicotine-bearing smoke.

You feel a real smoking experience while using the REBEL. The process seems to be the same; yet consequences do differ a lot. An ordinary nicotine chewing gum or plasters are unlikely to be competitors to the REBEL: experience shows that it is not nicotine alone but also the way it enters the organism is of importance to the smoker, says Reuters.

Now you can experience a novel smoking sensation involving no carcinogens or toxic substances, no brown fingers or teeth, no stinky ashtrays or bad-smelling clothes!

 The choice is yours.


Environmentally, the REBEL is absolutely harmless. Smoking the REBEL is not only a great decrease in harmful outcomes to both people around you in person but also an opportunity of using the device at places previously known as non-smoking areas (various public places, planes, etc.).

However, REBEL's major use is in enabling a gradual and painless way of giving up smoking. Many smokers had to pass a real ordeal before they could say no to this bad habit. Can you imagine myriads of those who despite the torments of abstinence still failed to overcome their passion? The e-cigar would make the quit-smoking process a maximum comfortable and painless one.

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