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For those who smoke it's a natural, relaxing part of life

Antony Worrall Thompson,
TV chef, restaurateur

"AT LEAST by going to the jungle I won't have people telling me where and when I can smoke. Wish me luck and keep on smoking, if you want to!"
Antony Worrall Thompson
, TV chef, restaurateur and patron of FOREST, with a message for smokers before taking part in I'm A Celebrity ... Get Me Out Of Here!, 24 April 2003

'MOST PEOPLE accept that smoking can be bad for your health. But if smokers choose to take the risk, that's their business.'
The Sun, reader, August 2000

'I ENJOY it too much.'
David Bowie explains why he will never give up smoking, Edinburgh Evening News, November 1999

It looks as though smokers these days have less and less places to light up legally as smoking bans sweep across most of developed nations. Smoking has been banned in workplaces and all public places by many countries in various forms over the years. Some even passed what is believed to be the most comprehensive outdoor smoking ban in the world. The ban covers not only indoor public places, but parks, squares, gardens and playing fields under city jurisdiction. California now bans smoking on many beaches. In September, Orange County became the nation's first county to ban smoking along its entire coast. Utah is even thinking about banning smoking inside vehicles when children are riding in the cars.

The main arguments against smoking being a "victimless crime" are the health risks of passive smoking - the involuntary inhalation of smoke from tobacco products. Additional rationales for smoking restrictions include reduced risk of fire, cleanliness in places, decreased legal liability, potentially reduced energy use via decreased ventilation needs, reduced quantities of litter, and to encourage current smokers to quit.

However, the Anti-Smoking Lobby has forgotten something very important. And that is, simply, that many people actually like to smoke cigarettes or just can't kick the habit. Some people are still choosing to smoke even when they know the harmful effects. In spite of the Surgeon General's warning.  In spite of advertising campaigns and smoking restriction policies. In spite of tobacco taxes and other strategies to encourage people to quit smoking.  But they increasingly being ousted outside and pushed to edges of gathering places. They cope with craving on trains, airplanes, ships, hotels and almost anywhere else.

So, is there a solution? Is there a safe way to rebel against smoking ban? Yes, it is. Revolutionary, futuristic REBEL Electronic Cigars and Cigarettes is a "healthier" alternative for the smoking of tobacco. Regular cigarettes can be viewed as a "dirty" and dangerous method of delivering nicotine, while REBEL Electronic Cigars and Cigarettes is a "clean" and safe method. REBEL Electronic Cigar contains a replaceable cartridge filled with nicotine solution. It produces a vapor mist which is inhaled by the user. REBEL Electronic Cigar and Cigarette not only simulate cigarette smoke but also the temperature of common cigarette's smoke (50-60 °C). What appears to be smoke, is actually a harmless vapor, it is non-flammable and contains no tobacco, and its use is not prohibited by law.

Now you free to use it anywhere without worrying about your children and secondhand smoke. It even may get you of cigarettes.

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