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Rebel Electronic Cigarettes

Safety information

For your safe and effective use of Electronic Cigarette and its supporting products ,please read through the following information very carefully and follow the standard operating procedures strictly.

Directions for use of Electronic Cigarette

To get Electronic Cigarette ready for a stand-by state ,please fit into a new cartridge and a battery by correctly connection ,and suck the inhaler to simulate smoking a real one .Replace the cartridge with a new one as the smog is reducing .If the indicator light at the front end of the Electronic Cigarette body is flash, please replace the battery with a fully charged special lithium battery.

Directions for the use of AC charger.

Please screw the special lithium battery into the Electronic Cigarette: special charger,The charger can work in a normal condition with the voltage at AC100V-240V, 50/60Hz, When trying to clean the charger , you must unplug it from the power supply beforehand ,The charger is absolutely not permitted to be handled outdoors or in a damp environment.

  • l Precautions for pocket carrying.

Keep Electronic Cigarette separated from other articles and avoid collision

  • l Use in pubic places.

Electronic Cigarette is completely free from second-hand smoking, absolutely harmless to the surrounding people and the environment, It never needs to be lighted and is without the hidden danger of fire accident, So it can be safely used in most public places.

  • l Precautions

Avoids using or preserving this product under the high temperature environment;

Keep Electronic Cigarette and its supporting components out of children's reach, and avoid improper operation.

It's better to use Electronic Cigarette smoking accordant to the time and frequency of smoking a traditional cigarette.

Product introduction

Since the birth of tobacco, people have taken cognizance of the cigarette more and more deeply. Through 4 years multi-national negotiation organized by WHO, the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control was finally constituted, aiming to reduce diseases and deaths related to the use of tobacco. The relevant officer of WHO has pointed out that 5 million people due to smoking per year, and the figure may be increased to 10 million annually within the coming 20 years, And second-hand smoking has caused serous dangers to women and children, therefore many countries worldwide are making efforts to carry out research and development on the noon-flammable cigarette substitute, to bring benefits to human beings.

The modem scientific research demonstrates that the cigarette smog contains over 4,000 chemi-cal substances, hundreds of which are harmful to human body, with 25 diseases directly related to smoking, especially carbon monoxide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and nitrosamine in cigarette smog that are considered the most dangerous cancerogenous substances, The researchers of our Company have overcome many technical difficulties and successfully developed Electronic Cigarette. Electronic Cigarette brand has obtained several patents in China, and it is also patented in most of developed countries. Electronic Cigaretteis a patented product with the exclusive intellectual property, independently developed by our Company.

Electronic Cigarette, adopts the advanced microelectronic technology and supercritical physical atomized technology, to atomize the high-purity simulation smoke liquid, which is extracted form tobacco and has the excitatory function ,so that the smoker can take it in, The liquid in the cartridge contains nicotine, perfumery compound extracted from tobacco and ordinary food humectant.

Tobacco has brought long-term hurts to human beings since it was released from Pandora' Box, and become an age-log nightmare of human beings, Electronic Cigaretteis a revolution in human beings' history of smoking, bringing blessings to human beings, especially the vast smokers, It will have far-fetching influence on the life style of human beings, We believe that Electronic Cigarettewill eradicate the dangers of the evil cigarette to human beings eventually.


Characteristics of Electronic Cigarette

With slow absorption and small dose, nicotine used in the Nicotine Replacement Therapy is safer than smoking itself, but for resisting smoke addiction. Moreover, nicotine cannot trigger cancer or chronic obstructive lung diseases, which are mainly caused by tar, carbon monoxide and thousands of harmful substances released during the burning of tobacco.

Electronic Cigarette is a kind of non-flammable Electronic Cigarette, with efficacies similar to those of the common cigarette, It can refresh the smokers and satisfy their smoking addiction, making then happy and relaxed, so as to relieve the suffering of quitting smoking.

Electronic Cigarette is a essentially different from the common cigarette by nature:

  • 1. Free of tar and other carcinogenic substances harmful to human body;
  • 2. Non-flammable, without the danger of over4,000 chemical substances produced by the common cigarette, like carbon monoxide;
  • 3. Harmless to others and the environment, without the danger of second-hand smoking,
  • 4. Can be used in most NO-smoking places, without the hidden danger of fire accident;
Structure of Electronic Cigarette
  • 1. Structure of Electronic Cigarette body

The Electronic Cigarette body is an integral structure consisting, lithium battery, microcomputer controlled circuit and program control, atomization chamber and cartridge. An operating mode indicator light is on the front-end of the Electronic Cigarette body.

  • 2. Atomized Cartridge

Electronic Cigarette atomized cartridge is composed of an inhaler and a liquid container, in which simulation smoke liquid is atomized, free of ingredients harmful to human body, such as tar and carcinogenic substance. The inhaler is disposable. In order to guarantee the pure atomization smoke ball is the disposable thing.

  • 3. Battery and charger

Electronic Cigarette employs a 3.7V special lithium battery and special charger, which cannot be substituted by other lithium battery or charger. The input supply voltage of the charger:AC100V~240V,50/60Hz. Attention shall be paid to whether the rated value of local supply voltage is accordant to that of Electronic Cigarette charger or not during traveling.

Directions for the use of Electronic Cigarette
  • 1. Installation method

Step 1: Turns on lathe into the battery module front end atomizes the module.

Step 2:Unpack the cartridge, and pick off the plastic cap of the nicotine container;

Step 3:Put the cartridge into the Electronic Cigarette body, then you can enjoy it.

  • 2. Stand-by state: Screw the fully charged special lithium battery into atomizes the module, Unpack the cartridge and remove the plastic of the cartridge. Electronic Cigarette will be in the stand-by state as soon as you screw in the cartridge. The cartridge fixed into is better to be used out within two weeks.
  • 3. Operating mode: the circuit will be switched on as you inhale with Electronic Cigarette and the indicator light on the front-end will be lit simultaneously, Stop inhaling will terminate the atomization, and the operating mode will turn to stand-by state. When Electronic Cigarette is in the working state,it is recommended to place it horizontally and do not keep it upwards, so as to prevent you from inhaling the liquid into your mouth, which may cause stimulus to your oral mucosa, The indicator dimming indicates the need to change the battery.
  • 4. When the indicating lamp continuously glitters 20 time is the prompt replacement battery.
  • 5. When the indicating lamp continuously glitters 10 times of opportunities reminders please not to have excessively frequently to use.
  • 6. This product has the microcomputer procedure automatic control design,this device has automatic replacement function, When the user inhales for 1500 times in accumulation, the indicator light at the front of the Electronic Cigarette body will shine continuously for 8 seconds, which shows that the computer controlled program is automatically carrying out the cleaning task on this device and guarantees the product service life.
Directions for the use of Electronic Cigarette battery and charger

Directions for the use of battery and charger

In case the indicator light on the front-end is flash, recharge the battery with the accompa-nying charger. Please screw in the battery into the charger, Three or four hours later, the battery is fully charged when the indicator light turns green from red. Take out the battery and cut off the charger's power supply.

Precautions for the use of Electronic Cigarette
  • l Keep the battery away from high temperature source while charging.
  • l Do not weld the battery directly or pierce through the battery with a nail or other edge tool.
  • l In case of peculiar smell, heat generation, discoloration, distortion or any abnormity of battery during the process of charging, cut off the power supply and take the battery out of the device or charger, and reject it.
  • l The charger is used for the special lithium battery of Electronic Cigarette only, and do not apply it to other types of batteries.
  • l Please keep Electronic Cigarette out of children's reach.
  • l Electronic Cigarette must employ the special charger and battery provided by the Company.
  • l The first charging must be kept be kept for 8 hours, and the charging for regular use shall be kept for 3-4hours.
  • l Please keep Electronic Cigarette and cartridge out of children's reach,
  • l Please protect mucous membrane from direct contact with the simulation smoke liquid contained in Electronic Cigarette cartridge.
  • l The product is a hi-tech microelectronics product. Product , Please avoid collision.
  • l To avoid over frequent usage of the product, once smoke it for 15 times within 45 seconds, the indicator at front-end will continuously flash 10 seconds for reminding.
Suitable users/forbidden users
  • 1. Suitable users

People with long smoking history , but suffering from uncomfortable feeling.

People working in no-smoking places but with the habit of smoking.

  • 2. Forbidden users

Minors under 18years old.

People without the habit of smoking.

People sensitive to nicotine or any other ingredients in the inhalant.

Pregnant and breast feeding women.

After-sale service

The maintenance and repair of the product shall be conducted by the customer service department of the Company only (please refer to the attached warranty card for details), The Company takes no responsibility for any loss caused by abnormal use, like intentional or careless damage.

Common problems and solution:

  • l Please change cartridge when the smoke volume reduced.
Instructions to Electronic Cigarette atomized cartridge

Smokers usually smoke 10-12 mouthfuls for a traditional, so after smoking 10-12 mouthfuls (equal to one regular cigarette) of the Electronic Cigarette, smokers shall stop smoking for half an hour before using again.

Use Instructions

  • l Read the Instructions carefully before using Electronic Cigarette atomized cartridge.
  • l Electronic Cigarette atomized cartridge is the special supporting product for Electronic Cigarette; it only can be used with Electronic Cigarette. It is not allowed to put it into mouth or contact with mucous membrane.
  • l Since Electronic Cigarette atomized cartridge is a kind of disposable product, do not reuse. Please dispose of it properly after use, and keep it out of children's reach,
  • l Open the package while fitting, and pick off the plastic cap of nicotine container, and insert it in.
Precautions for use of cartridge
  • l Storage: keep in a cool and place ; expiration: 12 months.
  • l Warning: Please keep if out of children's reach,
  • l Prevent mucous membrane from contacting with the liquid. Do not put it in your mouth.
  • l Crowd unsuitable for smoking is not allowed to use this product.
  • l Simulation smoke liquid in the cartridge shall prepared strictly in correct proportion; mixing with other liquid is forbidden.


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