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Rebel Electronic Cigarettes
Rebel Cigars
Accessories for Electronic Cigarettes and Cigars
How to Use Electronic Cgarette and Cigar
Rebel Cigars
  • Introduction

Thank you for purchasing Electronic Cigar, the healthy smoking or quit Smoking products you will ever get!

Electronic Cigar is made from microelectronic control and supercritical atomizing technologies. It looks like a cigar, however there is no tar. It does smoke, however there is no smoking pollution material. You do not need any ignition and fire for smoking it, however it lets you enjoy and satisfy those tactile taste sensations without any risk and dependence on tobacco. It gives you the same feeling of a tobacco cigar or cigarette without suffering any tar smoking damages. Actually, you can smoke healthily without any environmental pollution.

Smoking or Quit Smoking for Your Health!

  • Packaging

A standard Electronic Cigar set includes:

* one electronic cigar
* two Lithium ion batteries
* one charger
* instruction handbook
* 24 different nicotine density cartridges

  • Structure

Electronic Cigar consists of some micro-electronic components such as airflow sensor, control circuit, executive circuit, high-power integrated circuit, high-frequency ultrasonic sounder, atomizing chamber mask, built-in lithium ion battery, by which it can carry out such high-tech humanized functions as airflow sensing, smoke simulation, smoke temperature simulation, standby at any moment. Meanwhile, as far as the biological technology is concerned, it can make smokers enjoy the same pleasure as that of traditional Cigar when inhaling the nicotine smog droplet, imitating the whole process of smoking. Electronic Cigar creates a healthy smoking cultural atmosphere, and has been eulogized by authoritative experts as the perfect combination of modern micro-electronic technology, biological technology and the conception of healthy life.

  • Principal

In the body of Electronic Cigar, low thickness nicotine liquid enters atomizing cell after ultra micro atomizing pump pressurizing and is atomized into about 0.5-1.5um fog drops in the high-frequency ultra-sonic vibration field. Then the smog droplets will be dispersed into aerosols by the inhaled airflow and finally the aerosol will be formed into vapor which simulates the cigarette smoke. Before supercritical atomizing, the liquid should be heated up to reduce its surface tension to the extent of easiest atomizing. Electronic Cigar not only simulates cigarette smoke but also the temperature of common cigarette smoke (50-60 °C), which is similar to common cigarette and can refresh and satisfy the joviality and long-term psychological habit of smokers so as to achieve humanized healthy smoking; and at the same time, it simulates cigarette and does not contain such hazardous substance as carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, hydrocyanic acid, arsenic, lead, perishing the harm of second-hand smoking to surrounding crowd so as to achieve the authentic humanized smoking.

  • Cartridges

The Cartridge is composed of inhaler and nicotine fluid container. There is some of diluted nicotine fluid ready for atomizing in the container, with the different density for the different smokers. The nicotine fluid is purified from tobacco by biological technology, removing the harmful substances in the tobacco and keeping the harmless or useful substances, as well as adding different essence. It not only keeps the cigarette's basic function, but also removes the harmful substances. Since one cartridge contains nicotine less than or equivalent to that of one pack of cigarettes, smokers can consume one cartridge in 1.5-2 days if they consume one pack of cigarettes in one day.

According to the different needs of smokers, there are four kinds of smoking cartridges:

  • High Nicotine Smoking Cartridge: 18 mg nicotine/cartridge
  • Medium Nicotine Smoking Cartridge: 14 mg nicotine/cartridge
  • Low Nicotine Smoking Cartridge: 11 mg nicotine/cartridge
  • Non Nicotine Smoking Cartridge: 0 mg nicotine/cartridge


Do not put the cartridge directly into the mouth.

Let Electronic Cigar and the cartridge out of reach for the children.

  • Charger & Battery

When the red light becomes darker, you need to recharge the battery with the charger.

Special Lithium Battery
Do not put the battery in reversed polarity direction.

While use or before charging, position the battery in proper polarity direction.

The battery must be charged for 12 hours for the first time and be recharged for 3-4 hours when necessary.

Do not place the battery near high temperature area when charging.
Do not position the battery in reversed polarity direction.
Do not connect the positive and negative pole of the battery directly with metal object to prevent short circuits.
Do not weld the battery directly and pierce with nails or other sharp steel.

  • Use Direction

Set Up:

  • Step 1: Unscrew and detach the indicator light cap
  • Step 2: Insert the battery into Electronic Cigar shell with the negative pole first
  • Step 3: Screw back the indicator light cap
  • Step 4: Unwrap the cartridge box, take out the cartridge
  • Step 5: Screw the cartridge into the Electronic Cigar shell.

You are ready to enjoy the Electronic Cigar now.

Normally, when you smoke a cigarette, you inhale about 15 puffs for a cigarette; so that we recommend that you inhale Electronic Cigar for 14-16 puffs and then have a break.

When you inhale Electronic Cigar, the electronic circuit works automatically; the head of the Electronic Cigar turns red, simulating burning cigar and cigarette smoke. When you stop to inhale Electronic Cigar, the electronic circuit stops to work automatically; and the red light as well as the smoke stop also.

If the red light of the head becomes darker, it is the time for you to recharge the battery.


After you have used about 20 to 30 days, if you recognize the smoke become less with the new cartridge and full charged battery, you need to reset the Electronic Cigar to the normal working condition. Take out the cartridge first, then you can use a pin or paper clip; slightly insert into the reset hole and hold for about some seconds for two times, the Electronic Cigar is reset for the normal working condition. Please do not reset frequently. Keep the reset hole away from water.

The Electronic Cigar is for the adults who are smoking or quit smoking, not for the young people under 21 years old, not for pregnant women or other people who are not suitable for smoking.

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